Quinoa Flour

Quinoa flour is a processed form of quinoa. It looks like standard wholemeal flour but cannot be simply substituted for it. This is because the make up of the grain is quite different to wheat grain.

To make recipes with quinoa flour you need to create them from scratch. Alternatively you can mix quinoa flour with other flours to make your favourite recipes.

What you mix quinoa flour with is dependant on any special dietary needs you may have. For instance I have created a bread recipe which is in our quinoa cookbook but it contains some wheat flour.

If you try to make it with just quinoa flour you end up with a heavy blob of dough.

To create a really good bread recipe that is gluten free and works in a bread maker seems almost impossible - so if you have a recipe that works let us know and we will put it up on a page here.

For quinoa cookies, quinoa biscuits, quinoa scones and other non yeast mixes quinoa flour is quite easy to adapt.

The flavour is different to wheat flour but tastes good in its own way.

We have used quinoa flour for pancakes and wraps and they are good but not the same as wheat based mixtures. They will not make a very thin pancake.

Griddle scones do not work as the mixture breaks up as you cook them. We put our griddle welsh cakes in the oven instead and they rise well and taste great.


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